Build 39 released

Biggest release so far!

  • Maps are completely new.
  • Game rules are completely new. The game now ends as victory for one of the teams.
  • New buildable offensive weapon – CATAPULT
  • Lots of new graphics and bug fixes.

Please read the change log below for a detailed list of the changes.

To use the catapult you will first need to build it. It needs 12 blocks built in a 4×3 rectangle. Then you need to supply it with rocks ([E] key). Hold [E] key and then release to FIRE!! The longer you hold the farther it throws.
Use with caution!

Here’s how the new maps look like. This is of course a random example.

Changes 32-39:

– game rules changed
  * victory condition: mine or collect ¾ of the maps gold
  * stash gold in sacks
  * 3 sacks available on start
  * steal sacks and bring them to your tent for score 
– new map generation code
  * possible mountains and holes
  * caves
  * stone and gold are more likely to appear around caves and mountains
  * gold appears more as gold veins
  * trees don’t grow on tent 
– added catapult
– new sack graphics
– new bomb & explosion graphics
– new emoticon bubble graphics
– tent does not fall down
– sack gold amount displayed on mouse hover
– player HUD is not visible now when score board is active
– increased knight radius of attack
– new castle back build sound
– tent hit pixels changed to black
– fixed invisible map bug
– can’t loot bombs from self & team players
– fixed knight not dying when bomb explodes in hand
– typing bubble appears when typing chat or in menu
– gold sacks & tent are drawn on minimap
– new stone tiles graphics
– added map generator config file (“Base/Scripts/generator.cfg”)
– when not enough resources build tile blinks on HUD
– on reload map, old map saved to “Maps/previous.png”
– particle die time randomized

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