Build 40 released

Is it just me or has this game stopped being so social and instead feels like a rush… feels like WAR!
I like it. The hole in the middle of the map is also an interesting twist. I will experiment more with map shapes in the future.

Gameplay screenshot:

This quick patch fixes most of the issues I’ve found after releasing yesterdays update. Enjoy.

Changes 39-40:

– catapult can change rotate according to thrower
– improved arrow collisions (from circle to line)
– default score limit is 20% of gold available on map
– fixed crash on precache (loading controls)
– fixed player dangling on server after kick
– fixed bow sound not stopping after death
– fixed catapult facing wrong direction for red team
– fixed knight shield
– fixed gold on map wrongly calculated
– fixed player sprite not updating when dead
– return of the ladder bubble
– mouse aim is farther (to match zoom out view)

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