Build 428

Build 428 is on its way out with some important (potential) fixes:

– fixed rcon admins/guards crash on certain collapses #267#469

– fixed unable to join busy server (lots of objects)

– fixed crash on camera shake (sometimes)

– Removed use of in-game browser, links now open in normal external browsers

– pressing enter in the username box at login now submits the form 

– slight changes to how ping timing works in the browser, might yield more correct results

It is possible some of these issues are only partially fixed – the nature of these bugs means that they need to be tested in public for a while before we know they are fixed.

It is also likely that these fixes resolved some other bugs.  If you have submitted any bugs to the bug tracker, please test them (even if you submitted a long time ago but the report is still open) and add a new note to your bug report saying if the issue is still present or not.  

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