Build 458

Build 458 is out and the main new feature being introduced is security levels, also known as seclevs.

The full details of what seclevs are and how you should use them are included on the wiki, here.

The gist of it is that server owners now have complete control over who can do what on their servers.

No more pesky logging into rcon is required, either. You can easily setup a seclev for your admins that will immediately give them access to their admin powers when they join your server, as well as a seclev with even more powers just for yourself. You can even setup a VIP seclev for your trusted non-admin users to give them slightly more access than other users (for example, not allowing users to mark players as griefers until you trust them).

You can find example files showing you how to configure seclevs in KAG/Base/Security. They all have the extension .example – if you make copies of these files and remove the .example part you will be left with a decent start point for configuring your own seclevs.

We are officially phasing out guards (i.e. we are no longer recruiting them), so it is strongly encouraged that server owners build up a list of trusted admins that they assign access to with seclevs.

However, guards still exist and you will be able to assign them exactly what admin powers you feel comfortable with them having, separately to your other admins (or, for example, take away a single guard’s admin powers).

There have also been changes to the way in which blacklists/whitelists are stored.

securitysetup.cfg has now been moved to KAG/Base/Security/securitysetup.cfg and inside this file you define the file paths to your whitelist/blacklist. If you copy the contents of your old securitysetup.cfg (in KAG/Base/Scripts) to KAG/Base/Security/blacklist.cfg (or whatever file you define in securitysetup.cfg) then your bans will be preserved. If you were using a whitelist, copy to whitelist.cfg instead. In both cases, you shouldn’t need to worry about adjusting the formatting, that should all be sorted out the next time you start the server.

Additionally, the way you login to rcon has changed – there is now a specific command for it. If you want to login, use /rcon /login [password]. You can also logout now using /rcon /logout.

There has also been a change to the way we check if you have accepted the terms or not, so don’t be surprised if you are required to accept them again.

There are also a few other fixes included.


  • Added security levels (see blog/wiki)
  • Moved location of securitysetup.cfg to Base/Security
  • Moved white/blacklists to their own files (paths defined in securitysetup.cfg)
  • Changed logging into rcon to use /rcon /login [password]
  • Added /rcon /logout to logout of rcon
  • Modified /reloadsecurity to reload seclevs in addition to black/whitelists
  • Added /printseclevs for printing seclevs
  • Fixed respawn timer behind chat window (#152)
  • Potentially fixed memory leak with water

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