Build 469

Build 469 is out and is mostly made up of an assortment of seclev additions + several miscellaneous changes.

Notable things you might like include the ability to assign seclevs through the admin menu, the ability to restrict what classes/teams people can play with using seclevs and the ability to custom-define what levels of zoom are available to everyone (or even define this by class).


  • Mostly fixed so that you can add extra classes without them defaulting to builder. Requires that you add an extra field to class config files called ‘tool’ that has the value ‘Knight’, ‘Archer’ or ‘Builder’. Name can be whatever you like now. Please try this out and report bugs with it (and any workarounds you find) because it hasn’t been tested very extensively.
  • Made guard color overrided by admin_color in all cases (previously wasn’t on player mouseover)
  • Strip out multiple consecutive white space characters in chat, replace with one space
  • /login and /logout restricted to serverside only
  • Removed editor zoom help text as it is no longer available
  • Class restrictions (feature = no_class_[classname] where [classname] is the name of the class)
  • Team restrictions (feature = no_team_[teamname] where [teamname] is the name of the team)
  • Admin menu re-org (Admin>Team>Player>Moderator Action) + hide actions based on seclev immunity
  • Spectator team in admin menu
  • Spectator chat grey
  • Added autoconfig option to allow the seclev feature join_full to work, sv_enable_joinfull
  • Reserved slots, set with sv_reservedslots (feature to use in seclevs: join_reserved)
  • Spectator slots, set with sv_spectatorslots (if set to 0, spectators just use regular slots – if you want to remove spectators altogether, remove them from seclevs)
  • Join as spectator button added to browser
  • Allow /login to work with no password set
  • Freeze immunity (feature = freeze_immunity)
  • Speedhack kick immunity (feature = speedkick_immunity) (this is a temporary fix to work around modded servers that have speeded-up their classes in such a way that the speedhack detection gets false positives)
  • Seclev muting (feature = muted)
  • Deny access with deny_join (will also kick if done mid-game)
  • Fixed ‘x has been voted to be kicked’ bug
  • In-game seclev assignment through /rcon /assignseclev or admin menu
  • Added LoadSeclevs(filename);
  • Added /rcon /reloadseclevs [filename]
  • Disabled same account connecting to a server multiple times
  • New gamemode var: max_zoom_out. This can be ½/3 and defines how many levels of zoom there are.
  • 3 more gamemode vars: zoom_level_1, zoom_level_2, zoom_level_3. These set the cam distance at each of these zoom levels.
  • These gamemode vars can also be added to class config files to override them for that class only.
  • Non-fixed cam works at zoom level 1 now. Was forced to fixed previously.

Little extra info on how to set the zoom levels:
Default levels are:
max_zoom_out = 2
zoom_level_1 = 2.0
zoom_level_2 = 1.0
zoom_level_3 = 0.5

Bigger zoom (zoom_level_½/3 values) = more zoomed in.
Bigger zoom level (max_zoom_out value) = more zoomed out.

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