Build 507 changelog

Sorry about the delay – seems we had a bit of a miscommunication about who was going to post what.

This is my best attempt at a changelog – once Geti is back online he can fill in the bits I’m missing.


  • [#708] Fixed username bans not working
  • Autobalance is back, now with three new vars to control it:
    • do_ingame_autobalance – should the teams be balanced other than on join?
    • autobalance_tolerance – the tolerance of the autobalance
    • red_team_size_ratio – how much larger red team is meant to be
  • support_factor variable added, scales how far all blocks can go horizontally (default is 24) – I’ll be adding more variables to control this per-block but it lets you allow some skybridging if that’s your thing.

Edit: added some more information, discuss here


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