Build 514: Mute/Ignore

I’ve just pushed build 514.

Its a smallish update, with one main focus: player muting/ignoring.

Muting and ignoring are the same thing – they stop you seeing what a person is saying – with the difference that muting is server-side (muted players have their chat blocked on the entire server) and ignoring is client-side (ignored players only have their chat blocked for you).

This will provide a way of dealing with abusive/spammy players without requiring bans.

More details:

There are menus for both of muting and ignoring, as well as several new rcon commands.

This is linked into seclevs – the feature ‘mute_immunity’ will prevent that player from being muted and ‘ignore_immunity’ will bypass a player’s ignore on that server (so you can stop players ignoring your admins).

You will receive a message that a player who is muted/ignored is speaking, but this will only play a maximum of once every 60 seconds.

You can find the file that contains the mutes/ignores in Security/ignorelist.cfg – its the same file whether its server or client. You can change which file you use in Security/securitysetup.cfg (the ignorelist_file variable).

rcon commands:

  • /listmutes – list the players muted on the server
  • /mute [name] [minutes] – mute the player for the given time (default is 15 mins, use -1 for permanent).
  • /muteid [id] [minutes] – mute the player by id
  • /unmute [name] – unmute the player
  • /unmuteid [id] – unmute the player by id

The following commands are clientside only (so don’t use /rcon):

  • /listignores – list the players you are ignoring
  • /ignore [name] [minutes] – ignore the player for the given time (default is 15 mins, use -1 for permanent).
  • /ignoreid [id] [minutes] – ignore the player by id
  • /unignore [name] – unignore the player
  • /unignoreid [id] – unignore the player by id

Other changes:

  • Permanban option added to admin menu
  • Autoupdate path is now hardcoded
  • Changing any server browser filter will exit the ‘beginner’ sort (some people were getting confused why there were so few servers)


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