Build 548 – Classic ~Final

Classic Update:

We’re coming up to a very large release of KAG, but in the mean-time theres been a lot of stuff addressed in classic (the current playable iteration of the game) that warrants a new release! There are likely to be a few bugs slipped through the net, but it’s felt very solid the last few test rounds. Be sure to report bugs in the thread and on mantis.

Full Changelog:

  • fixed extra spike and gurgle sounds occuring after getting spiked or drowning, then getting hit.
  • fixed 120 stone in catapult from bomb bug
  • fixed trees leave copies of their top behind when blocks have been placed above them
  • fixed lighting is team biased
  • fixed attack timer reset upon getting hurt
  • bombs now hurt through the holes they make, and through bridges
  • all damage goes through bridges now
  • fixed “vote next map is actually vote reload map”
  • fixed cant attack around corners (tentative fix)
  • fixed bottom line of map is empty
  • fixed % causes issues in chat window
  • added no_shadowing boolean in gamemode.cfg (defaults + forced to true in non-gold servers and false in gold servers )
  • fixed crash in security if a null player was present

Hopefully the number of fixes is re-assuring to those that seem to think we’re not listening to bug reports – Some of these fixes have been sitting in the repo for a good 30 days now, and were just never pushed by accident 😉

What’s coming next?

We’re working hard on the scripting side of things – combat is coming together again, a lot of things have been re-animated and re-polished, most of the syncing issues have been abated, and the API should be handling multiple games soon, if it isn’t already 🙂

We’ll do another round up of things we’ve been working on and give some more pretty pictures next week, collating that kind of stuff takes too much time for me to set aside at 11:22 PM, heh.

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