Build 67 released!

It’s time for CAPTURE THE FLAG!

This replaces the old default gamemode. The objective is now to breech the enemy castle and take his flag. Bring the flag to your tent and touch team flag to score! 3 points and you win the round.

All the new game mechanics and controls are explained in the tutorial poster:

There are a zillion things changed in this release. Please read the changelog for details but just to give you a short overview:

  • Builder has a little block menu (hold [F] and hover mouse on your block)
  • Default controls changes:
  • Change class with [E] on tent
  • No need to hold button to throw bomb; Light bomb with [F], jump to use momentum to add velocity to the throw and press [F] again
  • You can now give some material to your teammates by pressing [E] on them
  • Builder can now build an outpost; team members need to walk on it to set it as their respawn location; requires 120 wood and 60 gold
  • Dying near respawn takes much longer (up to 12 secs)
  • Many changes in generator (for example there is plenty of stone behind your tent)
  • Kick voting is done only within your own team (50% of team votes needed by default)
  • New in-game multiplayer map editor
  • Trees drop and regrow faster
  • New buildable spikes. You can place these on the floor, ceilings and walls. They work exactly as you think they should :).

  • Last but not least. This is probably the biggest game changer. Death to skybridges. Long live dropping an entire castle on your enemies heads! All constructions now require support (after about 5 blocks) and are physically collapsible. As seen on this video:


Changes build 57-67:

– new default gamemode Capture the Flag
– construction require support if longer than 5 blocks
– added fully collapsible physical blocks
– added buildable outpost
– added HUD block menu (hold [F])
– change class button is now [E] on tent/outpost
– pressing [E] on team member gives 10 of each materials
– changed bomb throwing
  * pressing [F] lights bomb
  * press [F] again throws at default velocity
  * to throw further you must add momentum from jumping  
– decreased sack/flag throw velocity but is affected by player velocity
– not drawing 0 amount label on objects
– fixed catapult/tent resource icon red
– fixed healing heart not adding to 3 hearts in knight
– fixed client changing health
– Knight respawns with 1 bomb
– fixed respawn timer
– dying near respawn results in longer respawn time (gamemode config variable “nearspawn_multiplier”)
– fixed server trying to delete client object which was never sent
– fixed local player globally banned issue
– fixed chat position after death
– fixed label appearing on tent
– added buildable outpost tent
– trees don’t appear on mountains
– own bomb hurts self
– server list is sorted by player count
– fixed catapult rocks making sounds on die
– fixed m_generator not being loaded
– script can now load from generator files eg. LoadMap(“Scripts/generator_ctf.cfg”);
  * LoadMap(“”); – loads m_generator variable
  * LoadMap(“Scripts/foobar.cfg”); – loads random generator map from config
  * LoadMap(“Maps/foobar.png”); – loads map from png image
 – generator changes:
   * caves don’t appear under respawn
   * materials appear in larger concentrations behind respawn
– improved gib graphics
– added spikes trap
– fixed sacks/flag collisions near tent
– fixed sack/flag throw velocity lag on throw
– fixed tents not being saved on client (with /savemap cmd)
– stuck player gibs
– fixed and optimized collisions
– removed bugged map name from servers list
– fixed tutorial text background
– trees regrow faster
– materials and construction blocks appear as icons + count on HUD
– sound listener center moved to player instead of center of screen
– fixed player label appearing twice on u_shownames set
– fixed crash when wrong generator file specified
– background castle block costs 3 stone
– added and fixed chat console transparency
– fixed ladder and castle back giving wrong resource number on destroy
– fixed chat bubble staying longer after Enter pressed
– builder doesn’t animate if can’t build at position
– fixed invisible body looting
– added “Looted” text for empty bodies
– team members can loot bombs again
– fixed HUD images stretching
– can’t join again own team
– fixed team menu disappearing when [BACKSPACE] pressed first time
– added floating amount of materials added or removed (on mine, loot or give)
– vote kicks can be casted only against one’s team members
– added “readme” information in vote menu
– rcon players are marked with x in players list
– added unlockable map editor
– own player label dissapears when mouse cursor close
– HUD dissapears on death
– trees drop faster
– fixed door issue being placed on tree stump
– fixed spawning removing background behind tent
– map resets after last player left
– slow arrors give half damage

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