Build 70 released!

As promised bug fixes, abuse fixes and some balance improvements. Still more to come…

Changes build 67-70:

– fixed memory leaks on map creation/restart
– can’t vote on self
– player being voted on is marked with red circle
– added message to inform about banning during vote
– all votes are sent to rcon admin
– increased game start to 2 players on team
– added “restartmap_onlastplayer_disconnect” option to game rules (gamemode.cfg)
– decreased max player name characters to 27
– fixed player names having leading or trailing whitespaces
– fixed spikes not removing stone if placed on background
– fixed broken outpost working
– auto-balancing: if teams differ by 2 players can’t switch teams freely
– /kickid cmd is done by player id instead of index (/players views id’s)
– added Admin menu to main menu (for rcon logged players to easily kick, restart map)
– lowered default “nearspawn_multiplier” to 2.2
– bomb range is shorter
– maximum 1 bomb can be carried by Knight
– bomb always kills (unshielded) in close proximity
– gold is always buried at least 5 blocks underground

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