Build 71 released

New fixes and changes.
Looting / giving materials is now done with a new key [C].

You can capture the enemy outpost instead of destroying it:

A new voting system is introduced. Press tab and you can mark a player as being abusive. If enough players do the same, he is kicked.

Changes build 70-71:

– added new give/loot key [C]
– picking arrows or rocks is done with harvest key [RMB] (right mouse)
– only archer can pickup arrows; only builder can pickup rocks
– added Mark Griefer option on scoreboard [TAB]
  * available after 10 mins of game time
  * if enough players mark a player he gets kicked
 – outposts are capturable (stand on it; the more players the faster capture)
 – outposts are 25% stronger (2 bombs)
– fixed network memory leak
– dead bodies don’t block digging
– fixed picking class in destroyed tent
– less hits to gib
– if [TAB] pressed scroeboard stays
– unbalanced team with more players spawns longer
– fixed admin menu kicking
– most bottom row of map cannot be digged/destroyed
– decreased player name length to 20 characters
– fixed block menu not appearing on tent
– console doesn’t scroll if text entered in prompt
– fixed vote server crash
– fixed giving materials not working sometimes
– fixed rcon player ping kick console spam
– fixed 0 time ban from admin
– KAG servers can be joined from browser :

EDIT: Linux server and client are updated.

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