Build 886 – CTF and Back to Basics

If you haven’t “got into” beta yet, this is probably the build you have been waiting for.

It’s still a little rough around the edges, but we need public testing to go further at any sensible rate. Prepare to get your testing hats on (and hopefully your flag-capturing boots as well).

This build adds (Among other things)

    Obviously this is the big one. Capture the enemy’s flag, take it to one of yours, do that till the enemy is out of flags. Simple stuff. Lots of fun.
  • Coin Operated Workshops
    Another big one that I know a lot of classic veterans have been holding out for – CTF sees the return of plinky plonky coins and all the bombs your money can buy. The coin gathering mechanics have changed slightly, but it’s more of the same.
  • KAGGen Map Generator
    This was actually done as a demo of a procedural map, but turned out fun enough to include in the CTF map cycle. We’ll be adding more to the creatively-named KAGGen as time goes by, but for now it’s easy to configure, quick, and gives a good example of how to build a map with just code.
  • New Wall Run Controls
    This new, easy to perform maneuver lets you get around terrain with much less frustration, while not giving builders as much of a headache and still leaving a lot of room for creative parkour. If you find yourself missing the easy (if counter-intuitive) notch running from classic, you’ll probably like the wall run.

There have been a lot of other neat additions and a few optimisations under the hood, and we’ve identified a major bottleneck on some machines (but not yet addressed it) – if your game runs oddly slow for your machine specs, keep an eye on this space as we’ll be fixing it up as soon as possible!

This is partly a back to basics build – bringing back some of the tried and true tropes of classic with a that new KAG smell. Or something. (It’s late, give me a break :^)

Remember the script changes have happened, you can read about them here

There’ll very likely be more updates coming early next week to patch any issues that rear their heads over the weekend (door forts probably), but we’ve played many games of CTF in the process of getting this out so that at least should be fairly stable.

I’ll collate a list of changes next week as well, there’s some convoluted branching in the repository to take into account.

Have fun!


Edit: as a side note, the build might take a while, please don’t literally hold your breath for fear of hypoxia.

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