Build 912 – Catapult Optimisations and Changes

So, you know that slideshow thing that happens when the catapult fires sometimes? Hopefully that’s fixed. If it’s not, let us know in the thread and tell us if the parameters have changed at all (used to lag as the rocks hit the ground in busy games).

As well, cata damage versus tiles has changed a little, and the vehicles code has been completely reworked by MM today to require many fewer hash table/properties lookups. This basically means it runs faster, as confirmed by profiling – we’ll see how much of a difference it makes in public games though.

Particles have been optimised a little more – there’s still one possible optimisation there that will be turned to if they still pose a problem, but the focus at the moment is problem scripts :^)

Very glad to be done with B911 and its map problems.

Server owners, for the third time in 24 hours, get your patching hats on!

Full changelog:

[removed] hurt on collide etc from catapult rock
[modified] rock doesn't use collisions (wip)
[script][added] bind for Random::getSeed()
[script] major change to Vehicle scripts
[script] optimized vehicle script to use a structure isntead of properties
[fixed] fixed camera on gunner position
[modified] config files missing are warnings instead of errors
[fixed] chicken == flag mistake on JTG map
[modified] cata more effective on roof than wall, but doesn't "pierce" with normal rocks so much


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