Build 915 – More optimisations, CTF Balance Tweaks, More Maps

This build is another minor one as we’re mostly working on steam related stuff at the moment. That said, it’s always good to get a balance/tweak patch out before the weekend. Failing that, it’s good to do it at 2am on Saturday ;^)

Most importantly:

  • Catas are a little more resilient
    Bomb arrows don’t quite 1 hit them any more and they’ll be a little less slash prone – we’re still figuring out the ideal parameters here.
  • Coins for more things in CTF
    particularly building workshops and killing siege/boats will net you coins to buy goodies with.
  • Optimisations
    Even more has been done to keep cata rock lag down, and particles in general should be even faster. Hopefully this will help deal with some of the “KAG Hates my computer” lag, but it’s not certain, of course.


[fixed] excessive particle spam from catapult rock
[add] coin from killing/hurting siege and vehicles
[modified] builder gets coin from building almost everything
(ladders and backwall left out)
[modified] extra coin for building workshops
[modified] standard coin decrease during warmup (/3, rounded down)
[added] 2 more JTG maps
[modified] catapult can resist 1 bomb arrow (just)
[fixed] crash in server
[fixed] minimap crash
[fixed] nasty loadmap minimap bug
[modified] water doesn't treat the bottom of the map as solid
- allows waterfalls if you're into that
[fixed] dirt backwall going missing sometimes (particularly bad on client!)
[added] chat console keeps last channel when you press enter
- means you can hit Y once, and then use enter to team chat in the thick of battle
[modified] door sprite shows orientation a little better
[modified] more cata rock optimisations ... this shouldn't be so hard
[added] even fewer particle iterations and better cache performance
[modified] rock is even more optimised, avoids a lot of logic on client


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