Build 921 – Heads, Fixes, Maps

Of course, the most important news first ;^) 2 new heads have been added, templar heads that (while knight focussed) look cool on any class! Now you can enjoy your own crusade – minimising religious persecution, of course.


There have also been a nice plethora of misc fixes and tweaks:

  • Crates change team when you grab them.
  • Catapults don’t “steal” kills when you get fired out of them.
  • Wrong menu sound being played (cut out early)
  • Music slider bugs – not adjusting the music in real time (still a few potential bugs there), as well as a very big memory leak with music volume set to zero.
  • Egg and other food making eating noises at inappropriate times
  • Saw has on-off button to help prevent “oops”
  • Pickup priorities rebalanced to avoid those “why am i holding this corpse instead of those bombs” moments.
  • Warboat costs 130 coins, not 150.
  • A few new maps for the cycle, retired a few older ones.
  • Catapult and Ballista convert instantly when sat into.
  • Catapult and Ballista don’t collide unless moving.

Steam update: MM tells me that we’re waiting on valve for the release, there are a few minor things to complete but the integration is “mostly done” and the store page is more than functional, with flashy promo images like the following:


We’re working as hard as possible on getting the game released there; the waits from valve are a setback but nothing we’re unable to overcome. The game will be released ASAP – when exactly that falls is anyone’s guess, but for all intents and purposes we’re “ready” and just waiting for the checklist to be looked over and the big red button to be pushed.

We’re not 100% on the date because as mentioned above, we’re waiting on valve for this, so it’ll be done when they’re ready. ASAP is as honest an answer as we can give – that said, hopeful estimates are early next week if they get their act together.

Full changelog for 921

[added] turning saws on and off
[modified] pickup priotities have a few per-class modifiers and de-prioritise corpses a lot
[modified] boulders are 35 stone
[modified] warboat costs 130 coins, not 150
[removed] rayne_liquidate and rayne_flarellbridge1 from default ctf cycle
[modified] removed koujimap from default map cycle
[added] 2 "templar" heads, one bucket, one egghead, both definitely badass.
[added] MonsteriCTF3 map
[added] NewTortuga map
[added] catapult and ballista convert instantly when sat into
[modified] idle/still siege engines don't collide with you
[modified] siege engines need a bit more speed before they hurt you
[modified] updated felleres map
- named Fellere_FourRivers.png
- hopefully less stalemate
[fixed] catapult "steals" kills of people shot out of it
[fixed] map key binding not visible
[fixed] music volume slider not adjusting in real time
[fixed] some sound functions still doing processing with zero volume
[fixed] wrong menu song used (cut out too early)
[script][added] hasTileSolidBlobsNoPlatforms function to omit platforms
[fixed] can't build backwall over platforms
- note, this works like building stone "over" wood,
the platforms still prevent building "through" them
[added] crate changes team when picked up
[fixed] egg makes chomp chomp noise when not eaten
[updated] kag icons on windows
[fixed] big leak when music slider set to zero, and awful sound when turned up again


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