Build 926 – New Voting, Steam news & Heads!

I’m sure Geti will add more info concerning this build when he’s online. Right now I’m in a hurry so excuse my brevity. Come back later for more news on this build :).

The way voting works now is “lazy kicking”. This might change cause it’s an experiment, post your comments. Voting is now in scripts so you can modify it as you wish and add main menu items (cool!).

Your character name can be changed with the /cl_name command in console. This is part of preparing for the Steam release where players from Steam will use their Steam persona names in KAG. Your username will be visible in paranthesis in the scoreboard

The known issues about mod downloads have been fixed. If not let me know!

if KAG is taking extremely long to startup goto /KAG/Base and delete the /old folder.

I scheduled Steam release for Monday November 4th. This might still change because we need to finish the trailer and make sure everything is working, first with testers and then with public.

That’s right – if you bought KAG you will get pre-release access to a Steam code and will be able to play KAG from Steam before the official release. This should ease things up for everybody and deadline slips won’t be so bad :). Stay tuned for when this will happen (hoepfully this weekend).

Have fun!

Changes 921-926:
[added] 6 new heads + updated some past heads

[modified] rearranged heads

[added] debug message "box2d limiter breach" to check if this is the source of warping through things

[modified] box2d iteration count increased (may have been source of warping through things

[modified] kick delay is lower

[script][added] binds for void KickPlayer(CPlayer@ player) and void BanPlayer(CPlayer@ player, int time_seconds) with obvious effects (automatically takes seclevs into account)

[modified] map files updated by jackitch

[added] script exceptions don't halt the engine (debugger removed in release/test)

[script][removed] unsafe function config.saveFile(); - use config.saveFile(filename) instead (only saves to KAG/Cache)

[modified] clearer mod downloading messages and colors in console

[fixed] modded include file scripts not loading properly after download

[fixed] /Mods scripts not updating ever again (there's still an issue because they will only update in memory not in the files)

[script][added] scripted main menu items

[removed] hardcoded vote kick + next map stuff

[added] lots of features to the vote nextmap stuff

[fixed] builder can build on himself (thanks Verra)

[modified] builder must be inside building frame to build new shop

[added] some flags to shop for banning building any more things - wip for fixing double-shops

[modified] buildings destroy if they are overlapping each other too much

[added] can't double build from the same building frame

[modified] spawn shield protects from knockback and lasts a little longer (not instantly cancelled)

[modified] progress bar is hard-capped to at least one percent to help prevent rendering bugs

[added] JTG and Monsteri Sol Badguy twins unique, congrats

[added] allowed to change character name with /cl_name in console

[modified] more space for player names in scoreboard

[fixed] not spawning when username empty and clicked offline

[fixed] challenges not progressing on time end

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