Build 939 – Partial unicode support, Water and Saw Tweaks + Many Fixes

This is mostly a fix build, but has a few nice additions too.

There has been partial unicode support added. We’re looking into the areas where support is not so good (anything that doesn’t get entered or shows up as ???). Either way it wont mess up the console output any more, and you can now say the other team got rekd™.

Votekick now has a confirm dialogue to prevent a mis-click from making you boot someone you didn’t want to.

Saws teamkill again (no more seas of saws, thank god) but turn themselves off after they saw a teamie. This should help curb griefing and accidental loss of life and limb.

Lots of crashes have been fixed, obviously not all of them but a fair number of independent ones.

Buckets also no longer stun anything. Thank god for that. You may optionally thank me for that too ;^)

Full changelog:

[modified] FPS will be higher without uncapped framerate setting
[added] rcon admins have red name in players list
[fixed] LAN client not authed as admins on join
[fixed] kick not banning for 5 mins
[added] if you rejoin within 2 mins on a server your stats
will be preserved
[added] username and character name to votekick menu
[fixed] crash when trying to launch solo mode with dedi server
running in back
[modified] lifted default ping kick threshold
[fixed] saw graphical bugs
[modified] saw turns off after killing teammate
[removed] saw from world.png to prevent confusion
[modified] removed a bunch of enet debugging prints that were
confusing people (like enet_blah_blah: 15195)
[modified] fixed a small leak and a big crash in the servers
browser + that annoying deprecated image complaint
on opening it
[modified] buckets don't stun (about time)
[modified] water bombs don't collide with team-mates
[script][added] water_stun hitter, use water if you want to put
out fire but not stun
[added] removing redundant game files when launched from Steam
[fixed] being able to join server with client modified scripts
[modified] changed words in new Steam player window
[fixed] buzzing sounds on Mac/Linux
[fixed] saw not showing gib effect on client when teammate sawed
[added] confirmation dialogue to votekick
[fixed] script kicks not banning


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