Build 947 – Fixes and Improvements

First stage of that “cleaning up” bullet point.

Update on the crashing situation: We’re reverting the changes to the server browser, we’ll be debugging them more next week but we want to avoid having people crash and complain. As such, server browser pings will still likely be inaccurate, just a heads up.

Mostly fixes, but a few changes as well, most notably:

  • No RNG when firing “normal” shots as archer, only legolas
    This means that legolas spamming isn’t as accurate at long range and pinpoint sniping is feasible, raising the skill ceiling a little.
  • All classes can arrow climb
    This increases the utility of the archer as it can now be used to help allies over walls – arrow climbing has been revamped to kill the arrow quite quickly, and allow you to “jump” off of the arrow instead of climbing it like a ladder (no movement penalty). We’ll be paying close attention to how this affects balance, but I think it’ll allow archers to feel more useful during a push.
  • Vote kick tweaks
    Most notably, if someone leaves while being vote-kicked, the system presumes they were guilty. The ban time has been increased to 30 minutes to help deter persistent griefers.
  • (the changes to server browser have been left out of this build to prevent crashes)
  • Spawn immunity doesn’t restart when changing class
    Preventing the (minimal) abuse that had been going on with that.
  • Visible boards over a tunnel that you can’t travel through
    No more tapping E to “check”

Full Changelog:

[modified] votekicking kicks for 30 minutes
[fixed] extra spawn immunity when changing class (now it's static spawn immune time, no extension)
[modified] RNG only on legolas shot for archers, do normal shots for accuracy.
[fixed] freeze continuously gibbing stuff
[script][added] void RemoveSectorsAtPosition( Vec2f position, const string& name, const u16 id ) for removing sectors only with specific id
[fixed] tree removes flag base no build zone
[fixed] too much coins on client (server_DropCoins could be run by client)
[dev] removed drop peer dbg msgs
[dev] additional move files works on steam only now
[modified] potential fix for "ghost" colliding arrows
[fixed] under raid war boats and ballistae included in spawn list
[dev] more fixes for arrows
[modified] flag base puts down bedrock underneath itself
[modified] all classes can arrow climb
[modified] arrow climb only when holding up, destroys arrows, gives extra jump
[modified] very slightly increased archer stun arrow range
[fixed] fire arrow not put out by water bomb/arrow
[fixed] Space flags (hopefully)
[modified] stomp doesn't stun or hurt the stomper
[added] boards layer to tunnel
[fixed] archer grapple staying attached through tunnel when attached to doors
[modified] if someone leaves while getting vote-kicked, they're banned for 30 minutes (as if they were successfully booted)


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