Build 954 – New TDM Maps, Waterfalls, And More!

Lots of things this time around, a few big, a few small, all good!

Popping the wheels of siege engines:

We’ve all had someone drive our siege engine when they shouldn’t have. You can now completely and permanently immobilise siege using the new immobilise button, netting you some stylish chocks and a much more stable engine that is less prone to “that guy” ruining your siege.


Packing catapults up has been removed to make way for this feature, which conveniently fixes all of the bugs around packing catapults, most notably the infinite ammo and repair :^)

Waterfalls now look quite a bit nicer

Simple change, but exposed edges of water now have some nice animations instead of being blocky blue nothingness. This makes floods look that much more impressive, and makes a few maps with endless waterfalls even cooler.

Mods less “Hidden”:

It’s long been an issue that modded servers have been hidden from the public eye at large – the modded server button has been changed to “Non-Vanilla”, and a pop-up about what modded servers are has been added. This is a temporary measure until we have access in-game to how long a player’s account has existed (requires some changes to how things are stored) – once we have that, we’ll make the vanilla only button turn itself off after a few days, but this should help with visibility.

New Crash Reporter:

Crashes should be caught by the crash reporter again (on windows), which should help with fixing any crashes people are experiencing. Unfortunately, the crash reporter is not available on linux and OSX, but over 80% of the playerbase uses windows, so a lot of crashes will be contributed.

Much-needed new TDM maps:


The Cauldron by Geti

Cramped Castle by Geti


Bleak Arena by Geti


MonsteriTDM1 by Monsteri


MonsteriTDM2 by Monsteri


LavalordTDM1 by Lavalord

A lot of the older maps have also been retouched, all in all they should be significantly more conducive to some longer play, so be sure to give your nearest TDM server some love!

Full changelog:

[fixed] held non-constructed blocks protecting builder
[modified] ignore damage actually ignores all damage now
[removed] all old generator files to avoid confusion (+ they dont work)
[modified] updated existing tdm maps
[added] tdm map from extra/ , The Couldron
[added] Bleak Arena map
[added] Cramped Castle map
[added] MonsteriTDM1 and 2 maps (gratz)
[added] upgrade to CrashRpt 1402
[added] 30 sec video recording of crashes (run debug.bat on Windows)
[added] jackitch and contrary heads, congrats!
[modified] renamed 'modded' button to Non-Vanilla
[added] popup informing about non-vanilla disabled
[modified] Monsteri boat balance changes - longboat costs less for early rushing, warboat only costs (lots of) coin
[added] LavalordTDM1 map
[fixed] sounds still being calculated and played when volume is set to zero
[fixed] loadmap looking for strange files (should work more or less as expected now)
[modified] made it clear that loadbitmap shouldn't be used any more
[modified] water has nicer edge appearance now, imroves flooding and "waterfalls"
[added] pop wheels off catapult or ballista once it's in place
[removed] packing catapult into crate
[fixed] joining with scripts from previous server

Have fun!

Max/Geti & MM

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