Build 963 – Crash fix, Anti-Doorspam, Helpful Tips

A few quick changes, a crash hotfix and a bit of under-the-hood work in preparation for some admin changes next week.

  • Doors require at least one adjacent solid tile
    This means that doors have to be constructed “sensibly”, potentially marking the end of the era of “door fort best fort”. RIP.
    Here’s how the densest possible 4-direction-passable door fort looks now – significantly less nice to maneuver in, more annoying to construct, and consumes more material per block between the enemy and your flag. We’ve made a point of being careful of getting in the way of sensible building – the doors will take 10 seconds of wobbling before collapsing so you can still put down both doors before the wall above if you’re a fan of doing so.
  • Builder menus have context sensitive help info in them
    Perhaps a bit late, but with another wave of steam users from KAG being the daily deal this should help new players get up to speed quickly with what does what. It’s not particularly pretty but that’s life. Hopefully this means less “what does X block do?” and “How to build workshops?!”

  • Crash fixWhen exiting to the menu, occasionally (often?) the lighting algorithm would try to access the objects that had just been removed. Hopefully this helps with crashing in general as it may have happened in a few other circumstances as well.

Full Changelog:

[fixed] saw button not always popping up
[modified] potential fix for bug #1213 Lines or "Strokes" in the
water - vertex coordinates are offset a little to compensate
for ugly scaling/rounding on some graphics cards
[fixed] 1303: +1 username bug removing "s" on names
[added] Ej "Rasmus" head, congrats
[fixed] mook heads are wrong
[modified] doors require adjacent solid tile or they collapse in 10 seconds (anti door spam)
[added] per-tile description of tiles in builder inventory
[modified] saw costs 100 stone as well as the wood cost
[added] keys cannot be overlapped and cannot use system keys (tab,chat,function,home)
[fixed] debug video recording not saving report after exitting game
[fixed] crash in map lighting
[fixed] cc_key being overwritten on game start

Have fun!


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