Build 977 – Admin Aid, Scoreboard Improvements, Script Docs and More

This patch brings a few nice admin tools, the rough start of a HTML modding documentation and some minor fixes and gameplay tweaks.

  • Quick-Banning
    Sick of fishing through menus for that greifer with the name just like one of your friends? For a one-day ban that you can extend later manually, press f3 while hovering your mouse over the greifer, and then hold B and press f3 again to ban them for a day. That’s F3 to freeze players, B-F3 to ban frozen players.
  • Seclevs available from scripts
    This is largely a bonus for modders who can now check the specifics of a players security clearance, but also means makes things like votekicking admins no longer possible.
  • Seclev related bugs fixed
    A few missing convenience features should be available to anyone with a red name on the server.
  • Class Icons in TAB Menu
    A long-missed classic feature, you can now see the class of a player and the class make-up of a team from the TAB/Score menu. Especially useful for complaining about the exact number of useless builders you have on your team.
  • Fixed “black hole” keys
    All keys should now be able to be successfully rebound, no longer blocked by unused keys. The unused keys are now visible because they are available for modders to use.
  • Doors don’t collapse after they have become stable
    Should help you keep out pesky knights and help in building more “creative” structures. This applies to both doors.
  • New Spectator Camera
    Coded by community member Verrazano, the new spectator camera can follow units by clicking on them, scrolls with the keys and does little else, should be a little less confusing to use. Also has help text for those still playing with help popups.
  • HTML Documentation
    Available from the Docs folder in your KAG install, the documentation effort is underway, with a large portion of CBlob, some of CMap and a lot of global functionality exposed. We’ll be addressing issues with these soon, adding more documentation and fleshing it out, but we’re keen to have feedback on what’s there already – what you guys would like to see more of, any issues you have with what’s going on, and so on.
  • Misc Fixes
    Check the full changelog if you’re curious

There should be another update by Christmas to get some more API functionality in, and perhaps deliver a little bit of holiday cheer to the game :^)

Have fun,


Full Changelog

[fixed] can't rebind some keys ("black hole" keys on keyboard,
particularly R, sorry Ej)
[added] clear which keys aren't used any more
[added] class icons to scoreboard
[script][added] CBlob::SetScoreboardVars(texture, frame, framesize)
and CBlob::UnsetScoreboardVars()
[added] scripts documentation start (see KAG/Docs/index.html)
[modified] doors won't collapse after becoming "stable"
[added] added name/username sections to scoreboard
[fixed] some console messages with () when same username as character name
[script][fixed] CPlayer::isMod() not taking into account red rcon admins
[script][added] seclev functions (check Manual/interface/Objects.txt for list)
[fixed] server browser game mode list having unaccesible items
[fixed] server browser game modes list having empty items
[added] seclev aware votekick
[added] Quick-Ban feature - hold B and tap F3 over a frozen player to
quickly ban them for 24 hours. This is most useful in combination
with quick-freeze (f3).
[added] new spectator camera (thanks Verra!)
[fixed] guard head not showing

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