Build 980 – Admin Functionality and Christmas Hats

Happy Holidays everyone!

While you’re feasting, giving presents to everything with a heartbeat, spending loving time with your family and drinking yourselves into a stupor, be sure to drop into KAG for the usual dosage of carnage, now with one extra festive hat :^)

New build should be out over the next hour, the servers are under a fair bit of load at the moment so deployment is being sluggish. I’ll be watching to make sure it all makes it out before getting to bed.

Guards should have their seclevs back, not 100% sure what was causing the issue but it should be fixed now, so you can get back to slapping mischief makers on the wrists. Sorry about the hassle.

For more permanent offenders, there are now handy “user flags” that you can filter on. So far these include griefer, hacker, abuser and impersonation, and default to filtering recent griefers, abusers and impersonators, and anyone with a history of hacking. Be sure not to get onto these lists – play nice. You’ll find yourself unable to play on many servers if you get flagged, similar to a global ban, but now it’s up to server owners who they want to let in and out.

The relevant config file settings for server owners:

security_banflags [flags] Ex. security_banflags griefer abuser
Ban flags to observe but be lenient about - once expired these users will be allowed back in.
security_strictflags [flags] Ex. security_strictflags hacker
Ban flags to observe absolutely, anyone with a history of these will be banned permanently.

Normal rules will apply for reporting griefers/hackers, we require a video of someone clearly voiding the rules to put anything on their record.

We’re sure the absence of a few unfriendly faces on major servers will be a welcome christmas present for many, as depressing as that sounds.

On a more cheery note, there are also a few extra settings in the miscellaneous section of settings, for showing all team names and toggling the minimap on and off. There may be a few bugs with these (mostly with names, we’ll be looking into it again tomorrow) but always good to note it specifically so you can test them out and report bugs in the thread!

There have also been minor changes to builder (no longer “slowed” by nearby enemies) and votekicking (40% rather than 50% to get a conclusive vote, should mean less 7 out of 8 required moments). The gargoyle image file has also been cleaned of scribbles which should help make modded zombie servers more immersive :^)

Have fun!


Full Changelog

[added] lavalordtdm2 map
[added] security_banflags and security_strictflags to autoconfig, determines what global user flags to ban per server.
defaults to griefing, abuse and impersonation for banflags (ie flags that expire) and hacking for strictflags (zero tolerance)
[script][added] void CNet::checkPlayerBanflags( const string &in username, const string &in banflags, const string &in strictflags ) for checking ban flags from the API
[added] Christmas Hats
[added] u_shownames is default now (show all team names without needing hover)
[fixed] hover names relying on ismod rather than seclevs
[added] name_mouseover_spectator seclev (on for all default seclevs by default)
[fixed] spawning on team change (thanks Norill)
[modified] 40% votes required for a conclusive votekick
[removed] builder "stunlock" when building with enemies nearby
[fixed] unfortunate greg scribble
[added] show team names option to GUI
[added] show minimap button to settings

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