Build 980 Hotfix

Hey guys

There was a small mixup with the ban flags (people with any history of griefing found themselves permanently banned, a few users found themselves unbanned and promptly continued attacking the game) so that’s been sorted out.

Sorry for the hassle to people who’s expired bans were causing them grief. I guess it’s potentially penance for griefing others :^)

There’s still an issue with people getting disconnected “randomly” and with some servers crashing, we’ll be looking into this tonight, and if it’s not fixed tonight then resuming after christmas.

If you want to help out with the crashes, please run your server through gdb like so:

$ gdb ./KAGdedi
(server runs)
(server crashes)
bt full
(post log of the backtrace to us)

That would be a big help, thanks.

Have Fun,


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