Build 984 – Fixed Disconnects, Old Ban Persistence + is up

This is a fairly minor build, but fixes one major issue – the constant disconnects everyone has been experiencing on servers under load.

There’s also a change allowing guards to see your seclevs with a default setup (no seclevs or example seclevs) so they can tell who the admins are if there are any to get in contact about patterns of abuse. You are of course free to remove this on your server if you so choose.

There’s also a fix for people using the non-steam client getting a “you are banned” message rather than letting them play on servers that allow their specific ban – a symptom from the old ban system that should be fixed now. – Formal Script Documentation

This is where the documentation for the angelscript bindings will be available via the internet – we decided it’d be always nice to have access to it without a KAG install. Feedback on weather you’d like to see it in your kag folder as well is welcome, we opted for less update and versioning overhead in the meantime.

We’ll be updating the documentation when and where possible, but we’d appreciate feedback on what’s there already – what do you like about them, and what don’t you like. Is there anything about it that specifically bothers you? This is mostly for the modders out there of course, but anyone interested in modding finding them helpful or encouraging is a bonus.

The link, for those too lazy to type or copy-paste.

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