Build 998 – modding fixes & spec cam improvements

This is a maintenance patch, just fixing a few issues.

I couldn’t fix some of the crashes people are experiencing. I need more information that’s why the crash reporter will now provide me with more info on the crashes. So if you get a crash send it and I’ll try to help.

Verra made some nice tweaks to the spectator cam. Shouldn’t cause nausea now :).

This patch fixes a big issue modders were facing. The file matcher in scripts was soft matching wrong files when using mods. These issues should be fixed. To fix it I had to make numerous changes, namely:

– sprites and sounds are not loaded randomly when there’s a couple matches – the best one is picked

– if you want to play random sounds use blob.getSprite().PlayRandomSound(“Pluck”) which will play Pluck01 or Pluck02 or Pluck03

– the file matcher takes the file extension into consideration and searches for the proper extension even if you didn’t provide it

Have fun!

Changes 984-998:

[fixed] soft file-matcher taking similar files from Mods instead of Base

[scripting][modified] sounds and textures aren't loaded randomly with filematcher by default

[scripting][added] Sprite.PlayRandomSound(filename) for loading random sounds

[fixed] crashrpt not attaching logs
[added] last script calls to crashrpt

[fixed] death cam being too sudden and jerky (Verra's updated

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