The Study of Humans at Poznań Game Arena Event

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[topic: the study of humans at poznań game arena event]
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We are studying the strong and weak points of human neurology to make their eradication more efficient. Our point of interest is the minimal complexity of lock systems needed to successfully encage most humans and the reliability of our test items designed to help assign lock level to a particular human mind.

Based on our results below, it seems that all we need to encage most humans is a door opened elsewhere.

We exposed our alpha build of Butcher game at PGA event with test items called “levels”. The test items were simple: some of them had switches and door connected to them. The testee was supposed to press SPACE near the switch, which would result in activating it and opening connected systems (i.e. doors or more complex mechanisms).



Total testees: 356
Testees who solved level 1 items: 125
Testees who solved level 2 items: 55
Testees who solved level 3+ items: 14

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Photographic documentation by Bartłomiej T. Listwon.

*all results were made up

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