Classic Update – Stability and Increased Modding

Yes yes we all want to see the scripting build out; However, this classic build is the culmination of another few weeks of fixes “when I get time”, working closely with SirSalami, Rayne, Downburst, Arcrave and Strathos. Be sure to chase them around if some variable wasn’t tested enough 😉

This build contains a list of all config variables, something a lot of you have been asking for for a while. It also contains quite a few new variables, including some variables specifically for roleplay/progression servers and one for the DK server (I’m sure you call can guess, if you’ve played it and thought “man I sure do wish those cheaters couldn’t crouch to dodge…”)

  • list_of_config_vars.txt added
  • fixed stomping being instakill sometimes
  • fixed screenshot alpha issues
  • some lighting issues fixed
  • fixed lose wood while mining gold
  • hopefully fixed permbans from console and added appended messages: rcon ban griefer -1 “NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN”
  • fixed able to teamkill by suiciding
  • Added knockback_scale to class config
  • Allowed banning specific classes at the tent (allowed_at_tent for each class config)
  • added knight_reset_timer_on_hit, for Raron who owes his eternal allegiance
  • Updated autobalance logic + fixed typo in balance_teams_on_nextmap
  • Added collide_when_crouching
  • Added stomp_strong_damage, stomp_weak_damage and stomp_vel
  • Added builder_hit_damage, knight_jab_damage, knight_slash_damage, map_indestructible and map_bedrock_indestructible
  • potential fix for wraiths from nowhere bug in ZF
  • fixed abusable console command

Build number should be B590




EDIT: Hotfix pushed to one missing check for the fix to max_bombs, and a bug with mats at tent.

EDIT: another one for an autobalance related crash, hopefully the last for the night but hey, this is Sparta/KAG so anything goes.

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