Cortex Command hit 1.0 on Friday!

Apologies for the plug for those hoping for more dev screenshots, but our friends at Data Realms have finally hit the “full version” milestone for a project that’s spanned over a decade, and I think that’s worth a post.

Cortex Command is a game about brains in bunkers controlling bodies trying to blow up the other brain in a bunker before the other brains bodies perform the reciprocal blowing up. Its physics heavy

There’s an epic launch trailer here but I cant get it to embed in a text post without the tumblr theme blending it for now. Click through if you’re interested!

The game is now available on Steam here, as well as directly from DRL (DRM FREE!) here. It’s just under twenty bucks via both, I think there’s a 10% sale on on steam at the moment though for cheapskates 😉

Give it a try if you like tactical physics sidescroller stuff (or anything with gratuitous gibbing and destructible terrain).


We’ll be trying for weekly teaser posts while you wait, so stay posted. Sharing our news with buddies gives you karma, as always!


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