Coverage Roundup for the New Year!

KAG’s been in the news more and more recently, which is encouraging!

Firstly, the Game Of the Year poll from JiG (Dont forget to VOTE :D) at the start of the week. Did we mention you can vote every day?

Secondly, we hear the game has been buzzing around on /v/ and reddit, and they’ve brought an influx of new, seemingly highly motivated players. Good to have you guys on board, be sure to keep it clean 😉

Indie Game Mag have released both a focussed feature of KAG and also put us in their list of 10 most promising indie games in alpha. We’re stoked that they’re so pleased with the game! If only they could have found some more up-to-date screenshots for the top of the prime feature post, haha!

Lastly, MM and I had an interview with the awesome Capsule of Capsule Computers. Get some insight into our thoughts in a more formal setting there.

It’s fun reading press about your own work, hopefully we see more over the coming months 🙂


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