CTF Day 10 and 11

We’re nearing the release of CTF at the moment!

Day 10 (yesterday) went fairly well with one major snag – during the start of the game, sometimes players would spawn infinitely and accumulate a huge pile of corpses at the tent. Naturally that wasn’t any good, but it should be fixed now, and we are testing thoroughly to make sure such a strange bug doesn’t come back.

The kill counts in scoreboard have been fixed – they were being logged for kills of objects that weren’t owned by players due to an oversight.

Some community sourced maps have been added and are undergoing more polish as we speak. Old CTF maps won’t quite work “out of the box”, but require only minimal changes like the addition of a flag and moving the spawns down 1 tile so the tents aren’t floating. This means old CTF server owners that had specific maps shouldn’t have too hard a time porting their maps over.

All that remains now is to balance the costs a little squash a few more minor bugs, then playtest endlessly to catch as many bugs as possible before release.

Release is planned for this Friday, surprises not withstanding :^)


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