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Hey guys, sorry for not posting much in the last week.

MM and I were more or less working our butts off at GDC last week, getting work done on multiplayer zombies and fixing a bunch of security holes. There’s still some more work to do before we release the changes but things are looking promising.

At GDC, our server guy FliesLikeABrick came over to meet us for a few days to work on that side of stuff and we made some great progress – once it’s in we’ll likely be able to make changes allowing shared IPs to be used again and also completely revamp the banning system – which should prevent the headaches server owners currently have to deal with related to people getting banned seemingly randomly, and /unban not working. As a bonus, account logins will be more or less unspoofable.

With the next update we’ll also be adding multiplayer zombies – work there is coming along nicely, with only a few things still crashing the game and another handful of stuff not properly synced. Should be a blast when it’s done.

We’ll be properly back to the grind next week – we’ve been working very lightly this week to recover (MM is jetlagged to death and I’ve got a week and a half of coursework to catch up…) so we’ll keep you posted on progress as it comes.


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