Desura Key -> Steam Key Update

Hey guys, news on the desura keys to steam keys conversion situation.

The planned system is not in place yet, as jrgp hasn’t been able to finish the site side of things yet. We’re currently nagging him to get it done asap, and it should be done “soon”.

A refresher on how it’ll work:

  • Old Desura owners will be able to redeem a steam key.
  • New Desura owners will NOT be able to redeem a steam key.
  • Anyone who bought or buys the game directly from us will be able to (and is currently able to) redeem a steam key.

The cut-off date defining “new” and “old” desura owners will be around the date the system gets implemented. If you want to guarantee access to a steam key, buy it from us, (or at least from steam).



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