Dev Peek: Boat and Shop Art and Discussion


We’ve committed to a few large changes for the default setup for rooms.

Firstly, they’re 8×4 tiles in size now.

Secondly, they come in a few subtypes rather than there just being a whole discrete workshop for each task. This lets us ensure construction flow a little more strictly; we’re debating whether tech will be needed for workshop upgrades or not at the moment.

Most of the subtypes will have some default functionality – for example, a carpentry room will always have a carpentry bench and be able to perform basic carpentry stuff, but will require an upgrade to build siege weapons, or boats. An agriculture room will always have a nursery, but may have a larder for storing food/spawns or may have its seed generation output doubled.

The subtypes are:

  • agriculture
  • barracks
  • library
  • carpentry
  • masonry
  • quarters

Most of these are visible below:

Quarters are an exception to this – they’ll come with a bed, and can be claimed by one player. From then on, they’ll act as a spawn for that one unit – this means a team will have to construct infrastructure for its players to have a regular forward spawn point (you’ll be able to spawn back at the home port after ~30s otherwise).

This applies for WAR mode only of course.

Note that because all of this is implemented in the scripting language, server owners can mod it back to the old 3×3 style of shops if they like. We want to structure the game a little more and focus on making one mode work very well rather than trying to make a lot of content work across the board.


Here’s the 5 basic boats we’re planning on implementing  (There may be one larger “Galleon” boat but we’re having trouble figuring out how it’d actually get in game being so huge… So we’ll see)

I’m going to drop their (current) names, and you can speculate about their functionality 😉

  • Log Raft
  • Dinghy
  • Arrow Dingy
  • Covered Launch
  • Support Boat

That’s all for this week, hope you’ve enjoyed the peek 🙂

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