Developments of the last week

This week we covered a bunch of bugfixes really, and some movement towards a completely scriptable underlying entity system for the full version. I think I’ve finally convinced MM that forking Classic and Full is a good idea, which means classic will keep the current codebase and mechanics intact and the full version will have a different underlying system.

The bonus of this is that we wont have to make considerations for classic every time we want to write a new feature, which will speed up development a whole lot.

In addition, if we get the systems we’re hoping to in place, every single object in the full version will be modifiable serverside, down to the logic controlling animation and physics. Creating new objects will be trivial. This means that KAG will be usable as a modding platform and that server owners wont be confined to the cardcoded logic of the current system.

Making new entities will be very much like programming, as we’re currently implementing AngelScript, which has C++ syntax and strongly typed objects, but we believe this is better for us as the game is coded in C++, and better for you because it’ll give you a crazy amount of control over ingame objects (you could potentially rewrite soldat in the scripting language – don’t tell MM 😉

Everything is component based at this point, which we think is a very nice way to structure things.

Its early days, but in the 2 days we’ve worked on the system its already possible to code movement and animation entirely in-script. We’re going to automate some of that (so that you dont need to keep track of timers for animation scripts and so forth) but its looking to be insanely powerful. Hopefully we’ll find a simple way of networking everything as well.

Naturally this will mean that we need some way of filtering modded servers out of the vanilla server list (if anything so that we dont get blamed for some of the less than scrupulous mods that are inevitably going to be made) , but it’ll likely just be a checkbox to swap between viewing and not viewing modified servers.

tl;dr good news for server owners, players, and aspiring developers alike.

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