Features Coming!

This picture basically outlines 5 things we want to get done alongside the October event, some after, some before:

  • Gendered players – not much difference between them, but being able to select Male or Female as part of your player customisations will help us be more inclusive as well as getting some variety onto the battlefield. After that we’ll include customisable heads – including hats helmets and haircuts for paid players.
  • Workshops – Arrow and Bomb workshops pictured here, allowing construction of those items and potentially upgrades to them later on.
  • Mechanisms – Spike and Arrow traps that you can attach to pressure plates and levers to allow forts to be more easily defended and to give builders a more interesting engineering task than 10-ply walls. These will be paid only.
  • Wooden Buildings – A cheaper faster option than stone that will actually very likely be required before “upgrading” a tile to stone. A lot of work will have to go into balancing this, but I’m alright with that. We may add stone doors at the same time.
  • Fire! – Bombs, fire arrows (and perhaps a few other things later on) will be able to set fire to wooden buildings. We’ve devised a way to make “putting out” flaming buildings possible without water that basically involves cutting out the flaming parts. Fire will give players a genuine reason to upgrade from wood to stone – fire hazards are a real concern you know 😉

Not pictured:

  • Coins – a system representing the work a player has done for the team, you’ll drop coins upon dying and gain them from building, killing enemies, capturing flags, and manufacturing items. You’ll be able to use them to buy items (including bombs and arrows) which will provide a much better self-balancing system than the current resupply on spawn.
    That means no more endless stream of suicide bombers!

We’ve got more plans, but they’re not concrete so I’m not posting them. Feel free to ask questions in the comments – I’ll be watching this post over the weekend.


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