Fixes Galore

We’re doing a fix cycle at the moment because we’re unhappy with the state of things bug-wise. There are some more drastic measures that we might take, but we’re not certain which way some of those will go. Either way I’ll likely just be fixing bugs this week and next.

The list of stuff that’s already been fixed/tweaked this cycle:

  • Removed cc_valign 0 from to prevent it being reset every time the game updates.
  • Added shownames behaviour for spectators
  • Changed u_shownames to use the smaller labels with hearts (more consistent and easier on the eyes)
  • Fixed #304, unit counters for spectators
  • Fixed #151, full name not showing on linux/mac when someone changes teams
  • Fixed #237, username is not cased correctly after successful authentication (still some work to do here)
  • Fixed #148 and #1 “Connect To” patchy functionality (now works cross platform and reliably)
  • Dropped the materials counter display (was confusing far too many people, who thought it prevented you from using the items etc before the counter drained in and other strange things)
  • Fixed #254 looks like red builder is going to build blue tiles (you wouldn’t believe how tricky it was to find a proper fix for this…)
  • Fixed #253 breaking a shop on background tiles doesn’t give materials
  • Fixed #266 Setting high ban duration results in 0 second ban.
     – large bans and negative time bans are now permbans (/ban Henry -1 to ban henry forever)
  • /listbans now gives expiry time for ban (hard to read at the moment, might need to make a more human-readable format…)
  • Made bans case insensitive: ban Rayne, ban rAyNe and ban rAYNE now all ban the same user and can be unbanned reliably (using any casing).
  • Refactored ban system to ease maintenance

We’ll be working on more fixes tonight and tomorrow, while we continue to do a bunch of design work and get the automated build system working.

A heap of the fixes for the UI, Auth and connect to stuff is FliesLikeABrick’s work, good to have him on board to ease the load as we go through the (large) backlog of issues.

The latter is going to save us an incredible amount of time and will make getting patches to both the public and the closed testing group about a hundred times easier and faster. This means more testing, quicker patches and less “file got patched to the wrong directory because it was 2AM when the build went public and some mistake was made”.

MM is currently at a games conference in Berlin, he’ll likely write a post about it tonight or tomorrow.

In short, progress all ‘round!

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