Giveaways and Tournaments Roundup! 7 Codes To Win!

I figured rather than spamming the blog and twitter with several posts I’d do a roundup of community contest, giveaway and tournament goodness.

Mazey’s Random Team Tournament click here

2v2 RTDM tournament, Knight and Archer

unlimited slots, 3 KAG codes to win, EBook to win, more info in the thread (click above!)

Cheese’s KAG Giveaway – click here

Giveaway with 4 codes to win, just post some information about yourself like it asks (not for people who already have gold account)

That’s all for ones currently accepting entry, so 7 codes available for free if you play your cards right. That’s seven more happy gold names just in time for the impending beta release!

Contests and tournaments that have come and gone while the blog was finicky and twitter news wasnt updated in game include

  • “Archery~” archer tournament 
  • ARENA OPEN summer (sorry for the bad news timing Ej 🙁 )
  • “ARCH” another archer tournament
  • KAG International Doubles Tournament (cash prizes! thats a first for KAG I think)
  • KAG World Cup (many countries fight it out to determine the champions of KAG)

Some of these are ongoing – check out the forums here!

If you’re hosting a tournament or giveaway and want coverage feel free to get it touch, I’ll see what I can do. Please ensure your rules make sense and you actually have something to offer before doing so though, I get enough correspondence as is 🙂


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