Graphics overhaul + tutorial

We are working hard on the next release which will basically be a graphics overhaul. One of the things I can show you now are new fir trees. Here’s a screen but I should really show a video of this because these have new branch destruction effects. Also I rewrote the whole tree code. The first thing you’ll notice is that the trees fall down correctly without change of appearance.

Geti is producing more and more cool tiles and sprites. What you will see down here is part of new tutorial maps I am developing. I decided to make tutorials, not because there is a lot to learn in KAG, but because I thought they will be fun. Tutorials will be like a mini singleplayer experience. I think I shouldn’t even call it a tutorial. So expect this to be a fun part of KAG, especially for new players.


Premium account pre-orders are going well. Already half of the 100 are gone!
There are some questions about them, specifically availability. The only thing that you can use now is the map editor although you need a map editor code. I will send these out this week. Sorry for delaying it, we’re just madly busy and the 53+ accounts have sold really quick. 

The test version will be still available for everyone until all pre-orders are sold. After that and proper premium account logging is coded I will lock the test version. This is to ensure there is enough people available to play. So hurry up if you want to go premium before everyone else (click).


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