Happy Birthday King Arthur’s Gold!

Exactly one year ago on a sunny April afternoon I took what I call the Crimson Engine. Something that I have been developing for the last 4 years. I scratched the game code I have been mainly working on (Link-Dead) and a prototype I made in 3 days and officially started work on something that I called King Arthur’s Gold.

It was a direct twist on the name King Arthur’s World, a SNES 2D RTS game. I found that game one day when I typed “2D Side-Scrolling RTS” in Google. I can admit that I never actually played the game. I only saw videos and wondered about its design. Just watching, I knew it was brilliant.

The idea for “KAG” was really simple – design the game as an RTS but make a Player vs Player game out of it (because these are my roots). KAW had excellent design of classes and a map that needs cooperation to conquer. I wanted to have that but in a massive multiplayer game where people play as a single unit with dozens of other players. Knights flood the terrain and conquer by force, archers darken the sky with thousands of arrows and builders see the big picture – strategize like in an RTS game, but have to do the work instead of point-click. That’s King Arthur’s Gold – one year later. Personally my current favorite game ever.

Happy Birthday and Thank You everybody that makes this possible.


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