Hotfix on 428

This is a small hotfix build which does the following:

– Adds client/server understanding of a ‘maintenance mode’ for the KAG API

– general error message improvement around certain API calls

– Fixes #606

– join-related API calls in the client and server now use persistent connections; server joins should be noticeably faster

A reminder – please read the previous post regarding Monday’s planned downtime to everything.


edit: one more patch being pushed out that does the following:

– fixes a regression from the #606 fix above, this will be addressed more next week

– Server browser favorites now work again

– Quickjoin has been completely revamped.  this post explains the logic in the new one.  I know I’ll be using the quickjoin all the time now, it prefers favorite servers but has decent logic for selecting others as well.

– Fixed (workaround) sv_goldonly spam in server console in non-gold servers as well as the issue with wood blocks showing up for builders in non-gold servers.  A better fix for this will come next week (requires a netcode change so it will come with a build number change)

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