Hotfix on build 428

A hotfix for build 428 is on its way out, a few small changes:

– Fixed issue with big (40+ player) busy servers running out of object IDs (and kicking everyone/being unjoinable) after a few hours

– Some optimizations related to how object IDs are looked up (in theory lower cpu usage on servers with a lot going on, in reality not much of a difference)

– removed ‘Blob Loaded’ log/console messages

– Fixed wood blocks not showing up in gold CTF and zombie modes

Also, we are in the process of generating updated installers for download on the website.

The new Windows installer no longer contains the OpenCandy advertising stuff – we discussed it and decided that any revenue from that is not worth the damage to the game’s reputation and concern that may arise over the safety of installing KAG.  I will post again when the new installers are complete and available for download/linking


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