Intrusion 2 is out!

We’ve been scheming with a few other like-minded indies about getting the word out about each-other’s games, and one of those has hit a fantastic milestone of actually being 100% done and out!

Its always nice to see an ambitious project by one guy actually make it to the finish line, so without further ado, here’s the trailer:


The trailer pretty much explains what happens in the game (Metal slug, but with physics behind everything and a sprinkling of crack), but there’s also a demo to noodle around in and the game is ten bucks to buy for keeps.

If you’re interested in the tactical physics sidescrolling stuff that goes down in KAG, you might want to check this out to tide you over as Michal and I go into crunch on this next update. (Yes, that means soon, no, it doesn’t mean immediately, it’s not even in the tester’s hot little hands yet.)

More dev news coming once workshops are ported over to the new systems, or when progress is made with seclevs, whichever comes first 🙂


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