[KAG] BUILD 1373 – Tidying Up

This build has quite a bit of minor tidying work here and there to make way for the fun new additions coming down the road (see the recent post on single player and menus for more info!). It also has some balance tweaks and a couple of new features, as well as crash and regression fixes.

Some messes are easier to tidy than others.

A reminder of the major changes this time around:

  • Siege Engine “HUD”
    Thanks to makmoud98 for a nice addition that’s been missing from KAG since classic – charge meters on the siege engines.
  • Trampolines back to Full Power!
    This was a small script mistake, sorted out now.
  • Smooth Shader Fixed
    See below for a caveat, but the smooth shader should work again, for those missing it.
  • No AngelScript Console on Client
    This seems like a minor change, but is a really important security measure. AngelScript code entered into the client console will not be executed. Will still work fine over rcon of course, for players with seclev “ALL”.
  • No Gold Droughts
    Gold now “drops” from shops that require it when they’re destroyed, including tunnels, to prevent “Gold Drought” and enable late-game tech and tunnel building again.
    Materials of all sorts now fit through 1 tile gaps as well, to prevent them blocking things so often.
  • Archers (very slightly) faster while charging shots
    We changed the speed modifier to 75% instead of 70%, nothing drastic.
  • Camera rotation works with tiles
    This small (but tricky) fix is important for some new mods, especially Shiprekt mods that add islands using the tilemap!
  • Scripts limit raised
    The amount of unique scripts you can have per-server has been raised to 2048 – this is a crazy amount of content to be syncing to the client but we’ve had people reach the previous 1250 script limit, so its been upped to 2k.
  • Custom Heads
    With the addition of these heads, we are now “out” of custom head slots for donors (the last 2 are reserved for our current interns). Thanks to all the supporters who donated or contributed so much over the last few years, it means a lot. Enjoy your heads! Everyone else: be sure to congratulate the generous in-game.

Notes on the smooth shader: Some people have reported graphical glitches in the bottom right while using this. We’ll look into why this is happening once we can reliably reproduce this on our machines – for now those people will have to play with smooth shader off. PLEASE let us know what sort of machine you’re running if you’re affected by this glitch, if it happens for you all the time, and so on.

Full Changelog:
[added] archer shop allows you to buy special arrows into inventory + displaces normal arrows down to a single stack. Thanks to makmoud98 for idea and partial implementation.
[added] charge bar to catapult + angle bar for ballista (thanks makmoud98!)
[added] connecting to server message on top of screen
[added] gold does not decay, and shops using it (in CTF) drop a gold stack on death
[added] progress bar for precaching files
[added] progress bar when building downloaded scripts
[added] progress bar when building md5 hashes ("Be nice to each other...")
[added] Sasquash, Mek7/The_French_One (shared) and TheDirtySwine heads, Congratulations!
		We are now officially out of head slots, all remaining slots have been reserved.
		Thanks to all the donors and contributors!
[added] vote fixes from norill: crashes, better seclev support, better menus, fixed broken cooldowns
[added] warning when a config file isn't saved cause the location is unsafe
[fixed] broken screenshot key
[fixed] crash when player to be kicked leaves the game
[fixed] fire rendering with rotated camera
[fixed] helpful death tips too low on screen and dont show long enough
[fixed] login window appearing after joining game from command line and going to menu
[fixed] mines not being assigned owners reliably
[fixed] missing collisions on tiles on bottom of map (they're still ugly though)
[fixed] modded filter state being set to screwy values at times
[fixed] no objects on localhost for the first map
[fixed] non-bomb ballista hitting no-build/indestructible tiles
[fixed] scripting interface not saving to manual/interface
[fixed] shaders making the game render too light during any fade (was alpha-blending)
[fixed] smooth shader not rendering
[fixed] standard folder creation on first run (crash on first run)
[fixed] tilemap rendering wrong when screen rotated
[fixed] tiles on bottom of map have no collisions - they're still ugly though
[fixed] trampoline "too weak"
[fixed] various "help" bugs (showing when it shouldn't, not saving help settings...)
[fixed] water rendering incorrectly for rotated camera
[modified] archer is (very slightly) faster while charging shots (75% speed instead of 70%)
[modified] materials fit in 1 tile holes
[modified] Script Send limit is 2048 now - we wont go higher than this, optimise your script counts for heaven's sake!
[modified] scripts send limit increased to 2048
[modified] security seclevs example files to include vote_cancel
[modified] TDM menu is 3-wide instead of 4 (looks better with the header)
[removed] scripts access through console as client
[script] bound CBlob.wasOnLadder
[script] bound int getJoysticksCount()
[script][fixed] debug messages not appearing from script debug() and printInt.

Have Fun!


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