[KAG] BUILD 1381

Most of the fixes and changes are described in the previous post + the controls locking bug should be fixed.

If the issue remains be sure to tell us about it and we’ll hotfix as soon as possible.

Have fun!

Changes 1373 – 1381

[fixed] a couple of map “bugs” with grass
[fixed] controls locking in multiplayer
[fixed] gurin map wrong pixels
[added] quick join “dont care” options as defaults, just finds a game or connects to the best ping server if there are no active games.
[fixed] digging at edges in tdm (sorry fellere)
[modified] votes should be “safer” (needs testing to try to crash server)
[modified] trampolines do “normal” bounces again for select items: spikes, boulders, mines, kegs, lanterns.
[removed] fellere_fourrivers map – the file has been updated but it’s too big for normal ctf play
[fixed] issues with ExtraNoBuild – thanks Skinney 
[fixed?] CMD missing spam in votes
[added] new maps


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