[KAG] BUILD 1390 – Rendering Fixes

This build is mostly a fix build on 1381, with a couple of little documentation changes here and there.

(You can’t tell from the screenshot, but this is going 60fps)

  • Shader Issues Fixed:
    Some big issues with the smooth shader (and other shaders) have been fixed,
    with emotes and the builder cursor rendering properly with them on again.
  • Uncapped Framerate Issues Fixed:
    Uncapped framerate will no longer cause flickering or ghosting. Keep in mind
    that the game updates are limited to 30fps anyway, but uncapping the framerate
    with vsync on can help ensure rendering is synced up with your monitor, and
    can appear smoother for those that care.
  • Map Changes:
    A few minor changes here and there, but especially to the 8x_fest_pass map (the
    one with the cave cieling) – the cave system above has been shrunk and the
    central flags are less of a nightmare to capture.
  • Simple Join Bugs Fixed:
    The simple join “selection” buttons could get stuck in a “wide” state and didn’t
    work well at different resolutions. This has been fixed.
Full Changelog:
[added] new/more readable icons for the TTH trade menu
[fixed] flickering with uncapped framerate
[fixed] no emotes, builder cursor, etc with smooth shader
[fixed] quick join buttons getting mis-sized sometimes at larger/smaller res + when selecting the bigger boxes
[modified] 8x_fest_pass map updated - less nightmarish water flag, no caverns at top of map (just thin dirt and some minor stone)
[modified] mine goes straight into inventory rather than hands (if this causes issues we'll find a middle ground)
[modified] scripting readme contains info on when the interface is generated in preamble
[modified] smooth shader off by default again
[updated] known issues file documents workarounds where possible, and has a new issue found by Monkey_Feats included as well.
[updated] TheDirtySwine head

(For those wondering about the build number irregularities, 1381 was misnumbered)

Have Fun!


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