[KAG] BUILD 1453 – Fixes and “Ergonomic” Tweaks

Hey dudes and ladies, just a small accumulation of fixes here and there; getting it out before a bigger wave of community fixes are merged in and mechanisms and new menus are ready, which will be the next few big builds to make it out.

Knights have swanky new slash animations.

The fixes this time around largely focus on making it easier to get into and removing areas of confusion. They should result in clearer combat, easier to navigate bases, and fewer admin/hosting headaches.

An overview of the changes:

  • Slashes Visible
    Knight slash range is now shown with an overlayed animation, showing the approximate arc, duration and distance of slashes. We’ll listen to feedback on this one and may be tweaking the effect, but it’s something we’ve had ongoing confusion about exactly how far you can reach, how aiming works and so on, and this should help with that.
  • Swear Filter
    Turning on kids safe mode will also turn on a rudimentary swear filter; this might be split out to its own setting if there’s enough demand. It can be activated serverside (ie “on for everyone”) by setting g_kidssafe on in autoconfig or the console.
  • Door Mechanics Revised
    The door visible orientation no longer matters for doors opening angle – if you press “towards” the door, it will open now. You can still rotate doors for aesthetic purposes, but this is intended to lead to fewer mistaken placements of expensive doors costing the team time throughout the game, or resources to remedy.
    Doors are also more prone to damage from builders and explosives, making countering tunnels and opening the front of bases easier to accomplish.
  • Map Extension Issues Fixed
    The map extensions that were incorrectly identified from the mods folder and elsewhere should work, and savemap should append the assumed .png extension correctly again.
  • “Jab Spam” Nerfed Forever
    Mostly kidding, but the shield is more of a hard counter to jabs than it used to be, with extra stun time from jabbing a shield, giving ample time to punish spammers.
  • Miscellaneous Changes
    Most of these fixes are community sourced or inspired, thanks again for your continued outreach of inspiration and support.

    • Can’t farm team-mates
      A bug in the coin allocation script was fixed that allowed you to farm coins by teamkilling each other with spikes. Thanks to Cameron1010 for picking it up.
    • Scripts Reformatted
      A bunch of inconsistent formatting throughout the scripts was fixed; this results in quite a large patch all things considered, but will only have to be done once. Thanks to Rayne and IceDragon for bringing it up.
    • Fixed TDM Mapcycle Issues
      Specific settings could cause the TDM Mapcycle to break and play the same map over and over; this has been fixed.

That’s it for this time, let us know what you think of the changes in the forum thread!

Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
[added] working swear filter when kid safe mode set on - will also filter serverside if server has kid safe set
[added] better door opening/closing that doesn't worry too much about directionality - thanks Cameron1010!
[modified] doors easier to damage as builder and with bombs to counter door spam - thanks Cameron1010!
[added] bigger indicator of slash distance
[fixed] TDM not setting mapcycle to work (fixes "derp" setup issues, usually when swapping gamemodes)
[fixed] can farm team-mates for coins with spike kills - thanks cameron1010 for the report!
[modified] formatted every script for consistent tab indenting, bracket style, etc. Reduced file size a bit due to sheer reduction in space bytes
[fixed] particles not created at edge of screen on different res aspect ration
[modified] correct aspect ratio resolutions are at top of list in setup
[fixed] pitch corrected sounds no playing if too many sounds played at once
[fixed] issues loading maps with dots in the path instead of the filename
[fixed] savemap broken by previous fixes

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