[KAG] Build 1492 – Mechanisms and More!

Hey guys and girls, pretty big build coming today which is why there’s been such a delay between releases!

Without further ado lets get right into the changes:

Diabolical contraptions await in TDM!


    A whole host of mechanisms to build the dynamic structures of your dreams! From randomisation and memory to routing and logic to multiple inputs and outputs, Skinney’s work on mechansisms is finally getting a fully networked public release!

    This is the intial testing release, so we’re not quite ready to give you the keys to the car – we’ll be doing another build very soon allowing you to build with these mechanisms in sandbox, but we want to do a pilot release with them just in TDM for testing that they work on a bigger scale!

    Be sure to check out the TDM servers and report any and all bugs in the forum thread and let us know what you think of the potential!

Balance Tweaks

  • Resupply
    You can now resupply at your matching class shop in CTF without switching class. This allows more forward builder action, and easier archer resupply on the frontlines as well. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more forward expansions as a result!
  • Maps
    Some maps with balance/fun issues have been removed from CTF and TDM, and a “simple” map has been added to the CTF pool. This should give a taste of the straight-up, no-gimmicks play that’s been very popular on the flat maps server – the map isn’t a completely flat line like the ones there, but it’s as close as we’d like to come without stealing their thunder.

Better Drowning

    Drowning has long been a sore point for many people – the sync issues have been fixed and the interface has been replaced with bubbles that indicate how much air you have left. Let us know what you think of the changes!


    Work has been done on detecting the most common form of speed-hack for KAG, Cheat Engine’s Speedhack. Upon detection the game will disconnect you, issue a warning to the server, and the server will log the event for administrator action. This can result in your account being permanently flagged as a hacker, so don’t do it.

    This Anti-Hack is by no means unbeatable, but should definitely spoil the fun of several repeat offenders. Enjoy.


    Work has been done on making translation of the game possible by simple substitutions from json files – this is currently not utilised throughout the game code but will be in time, and will allow translation work to be done by anyone interested – modders in particular can look into the getTranslatedString function and the g_locale setting, as well as checking out the new locale files.

Bug Fixes

    The following bugs have been fixed:

    • Cant bind up/down arrow keys
    • Cant double-bind keys (will warn you now)
    • Crash on removing server from favourites
    • News reader broken
    • More – see the full changelog for details!

That’s all for this time, but as I said there’s more coming soon, stay tuned to the blog or forums for more news!

If you can’t be bothered checking frequently, you can always follow us on twitter or like us on facebook if you’d prefer to stay up to date that way!

Have Fun!


Full Changelog:
[added][script] direct icon rendering functions (without frame numbers) - warning, dont use with anything you want pixeloffsets out of (eg actor sprites)
	        void GUI::DrawIconDirect(const string &in textureFilename, Vec2f pos, Vec2f framePos, Vec2f frameDimension)
	        void GUI::DrawIconDirect(const string &in textureFilename, Vec2f pos, Vec2f framePos, Vec2f frameDimension, f32 scale, int team_num, SColor color)
[removed] shadowor minotaur map
[added] hearth plains map
[modified] options for chat filter + updated noswears script
[added] mazey box head (welcome back)
[fixed] crash on removing server from favourites
[removed] screen blinking while rebinding keys
[added] word wrapping for a bunch of menu controls
[fixed] news reader
[added] some really crappy pl translations :)
[modified] improved look of resolution setup in starter
[fixed] cant bind up/down arrow keys
[modified] can double-bind keys, will warn you now
[added][script] string.toLower and toUpper
[script][added] Callback for tile collapses: bool onMapTileCollapse(CMap@ this, u32 offset)
[script][added] Tranlsation functionality:
	string getTranslatedString( const string &in toBeTranslated )
	void GUI::DrawTranslatedText( const string &in text, Vec2f upperleft, Vec2f lowerright, SColor color, bool HorCenter, bool VerCenter, bool drawBackgroundPane )
	void GUI::DrawTranslatedText( const string &in text, Vec2f upperleft, Vec2f lowerright, SColor color, bool HorCenter, bool VerCenter )
	void GUI::DrawTranslatedText( const string &in text, Vec2f pos, SColor color )
	void GUI::DrawTranslatedTextCentered( const string &in text, Vec2f pos, SColor color )
[modified] TDM map cycle - has mechanisms maps now, retired a few maps as well.
[fixed] drowning desync issues
[added] bubbles to indicate air instead of screen flash
[added] mechanisms
[added] quickjoin does not join known-banned servers
[added] can resupply at ctf shops without changing class (class must match)
[modified] Duke_Jordan head to MadRaccoon head at request of both of them
[fixed] emitsound issues for loaded blobs

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