KAG Build 1741 – Mines and Coins

Hey everyone,

A smallish build this time, just adjusting a few changes that made it in last time without proper testing. There’s been quite a bit of work done behind the scenes on new menus, but they aren’t quite ready yet.

Coins per have been adjusted – the amount paid is now 10 coins for a kill, and 5 coins per heart of damage inflicted. This is a big increase on last build’s unexpected economy adjustment, and should ensure everyone can afford bombs, special arrows and all those fun things.

Mine timer has been reduced to 1.5 seconds but only ticks while the mine is on the ground, or in water. This means no tower-tossing mines into a battlefield for free kills, but should make it easier to set up mines on the front line in most other cases.

You may still have to be sneaky with your mines, but it’s not 3 seconds wait any more, and you should be able to afford them!

A few crashes have also been fixed, but many OSX issues are still there I’m afraid.

Full Changelog:
[modified] high dpi scaling disabled - a different solution will be looked into
[modified] re introduced coins on kill (10). coins per damage changed to 5.
[modified] mine only ticks while isOnGround() or isInWater() and reduced priming time to 1.5 seconds
[modified] ctf interface to have an extra null check.
[script][added] bool CHUD::hasCursor()
[added] file checking and exception handling to the news reader to help with osx crashes
[added] file matcher uses its own seeded RNG (not possible to set seed now but gives better distribution anyway)
[fixed] possible crash when pasting data
[dev] debug for keypress in osx
[dev] fixed shader not found spam for failed to compile shaders (just report error once and still add shader, keep shader off)
[script][added] DrawIcon with scaleX and scaleY params
[modified] filtermodded to "dont care" by default
[modified] gender is psuedo-randomly assigned at game initialisation time


Have fun!


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