KAG Build 1792 – Steam Achievements, Fixes and Resolution Changes

Hey everyone!

First up, the major change this time around is the addition of Steam Achievements! If after the build is out you have trouble seeing progress on the achievements, please get in touch with us on the forums! If not, for the completionists out there – get collecting! There are 64 achievements total including 4 super secret achievements. Huge props to Norill and Skinney, our two interns who have been behind this massive workload!

Some of the sweet achievement art! 64 of these bad boys to unlock!

Secondly, the game resolution has been changed from a 4:3 ratio by default to a more modern widescreen layout – the default resolution has changed from 1024×768 to 1280×720 (720p). This should increase the appearance of the game at most modern fullscreen resolutions, and allow the use of KAG on some laptop screens with a small vertical resolution. The game will also no longer allow the specification of a window size very close to the desktop resolution – the reason for this is that the OS will resize the window anyway in those cases and cause the game to render badly.

This change may cause some teething pains and graphical issues, please report them on the forums and we’ll look into the ASAP. We’re still working on some of the “black screen” issues introduced recently, but it seems that a lot of these issues are actually caused by out of date graphics drivers. Please update your drivers before reporting any graphical issues on any OS!

Game side, a few small things have been added and fixed:

  [fixed] mines will reliably deploy in all settings as long as they are still
        (note - this does mean that they wont deploy when on a moving boat, but
         they can be moved once deployed and wont retract)
  [fixed] fire kills not credited correctly
  [fixed] several crashes
  [added] SURGE head - congratulations for winning MLK2!
  [modified] flowers more colourful
  [removed] Warboat decaying when left alone
  [fixed] ramming kills not credited
  [added] drill hitter type
  [fixed] several tutorial placement/graphical bugs (thanks makmoud98)
  [added] sync to faketech methods (may fix desync on ballista bomb bolt tech)


Have Fun!

Max, Michal and all the THD Team!

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