[KAG] Build Next Week, Feature Summary

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new build but it didn’t receive enough testing before this weekend for release, so we’re holding it until next week rather than have to try to monitor it over the weekend.

This will mostly be a “fix” build, but contains quite a few long time coming fixes, some nice little features (some from the community!) and a few small tweaks to balance. An overview of what you can look forward to next week:

  • No Gold Droughts
    Gold now “drops” from shops that require it when they’re destroyed, including tunnels, to prevent “Gold Drought” and enable late-game tech and tunnel building again.
  • Siege Engine “HUD”
    Thanks to makmoud98 for a nice addition that’s been missing from KAG since classic – charge meters on the siege engines.
  • Trampolines back to Full Power!
    This was a small script mistake, sorted out now.
  • Archers (very slightly) faster while charging shots
    We changed the speed modifier to 75% instead of 70%
  • Camera rotation works with tiles
    This small (but tricky) fix is important for some new mods, especially Shiprekt mods that add islands using the tilemap!
  • Scripts limit raised
    The amount of unique scripts you can have per-server has been raised to 2048 – this is a crazy amount of content to be syncing to the client but we’ve had people reach the previous 1250 script limit, so its been upped to 2k.

There are a couple more fixes but you’ll have to wait til next week for the full changelog :^)

Have Fun!


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